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About the Movie…


In 2015 Andy Tvardovsky is tangled in web of lies from people he thought he could trust. One of many who tricks Andy is Duncan Reinstein the CEO of Red Star Telecommunications. Duncan controls the Russian Federation by using Red Star Telecommunications as a fake company in Hartford, CT. The location of the secret lab is not by rare chance. It’s coincidentally located below where Andy works as a Technical Support agent. The Russians take interest of Andy because of his father Anton’s dealings with the Russians. Andy becomes tricked into getting injections to save his life but instead is subject to a series of experiments by the Russian Government. In this thrilling sci-fi adventure – many are working along side Andy to bring Duncan to justice. It’s Andy’s legacy to bring down the Russians…

Who is Andy?

My name is Andrei Tvardovsky (Andy) and I was a failed experiment by the Russian Government. My side effects include nose bleeds, blurred vision, paranoia, hostility, depression, hallucinations, and mood disturbances. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish dreams from reality.

The Russian Government thought I was a failed experiment but I was able to see things they didn’t know I could see…

My name is Andrei Tvardovsky (Andy). I signed up for an treatments but was used by a Russian Telecommunication company for experiments. It’s my quest to honor my Russian Heritage and to expose a company called, “The Red Star.” I was part of Project Chameleon (Проект “Хамелеон.”

Who is Red Star Telecommunication?

A telecommunication company operated by Duncan Reinstein in Hartford, Connecticut. The company is a front for the Russian Federation Army operating in the United States and reporting back to Moscow with Intel on their projects. They experiment on people to build the ultimate elite Russian solider using alien DNA.

Duncan has deep pockets and has been followed by an adamant news report named Rebecca Haines who has been trying to expose Duncan for what he really is.

What is Проект “Хамелеон” (Project Chameleon)?

Each human specimen is given a project named for what they are trying to achieve named by the Scientists of the Russian Federation Army.

Project Mind

A project that went wrong for a female patient who was receiving injections for the ability to move objects with their mind and project voices into other’s minds.

Project Chameleon

A project for Andy that will give him the ability to blend in with his surroundings like a Chameleon. The injections he received didn’t go as intended. He had a different side effect the Russians didn’t know about.

Duncan’s henchman…

Vladimir Beliniski
Duncan’s right hand-man. He has been declared dead since 1985 and a former Russian Special Forces Solider – Spetsnaz. Has been assigned to keep tabs on Andy and execute any blackmail or dirty work for Duncan Reinstein.
Sergey (Mercenary)
A man who kills for Duncan or is set on assignment to bring those who hurt Duncan into Red Star for a talk. He uses fake credentials to lure people into his hands such as Jack Collins, FBI Agent.
Dimitri Niktin (Russian Colonel, Russian Federation Army)
Provides intel to Duncan for new experiment leads and executes punishments deemed necessary by Duncan. Works along side with Vladimir and his Sgt.
Sergeant Kuznetsov of Republican Federation Army
Coordinates field assignments and recruits american spy’s into Duncan’s payroll including civilians, federal, and government employee’s.



Reflections releasing in 2020 in CT, RI, MA.
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